Age Of History 2 mod name: Conquerors Ultra (6000+provinces)+ Bloody Europe

Age Of History 2 mod name: Conquerors Ultra (6000+provinces)+ Bloody Europe

The modification adds many new global mechanics that significantly improve gameplay and make the original game, funnier and at the same time elaborate

Here you can enjoy a nuclear bombardment from Luxembourg or very quickly collect a large army with the help of the mobilization mechanic, which allows you to call an army on the «tassels» (selected provinces) and then you, the player can place this army in the necessary provinces. And that’s not all, there are many new adventures waiting for you with this mechanic in The world)

Here comes the release of the final BE update.

The version is available on PCs and phones

Lots of text, and all the stuff of the 1.3.1 update:

More important(probably):

— New troop distribution mechanics have been added

You can now collect the entire army from the whole country and distribute it evenly to the borders (provinces) of your choice

— Added mobilization, allows you to conscript an army by “tassel” or by the provinces you choose to conscript.

— Added demobilization

— New game panel, allows you to enable functions for the army (mobilization, distribution, demobilization, autoplan and genocides, etc.)

— Added peaceful accession mechanics

— Added laws or policies of the state

You can now control some processes in the state

— Added conscription law

— Completely new combat system, more on that later

— Under threat of invasion, you can now forcibly change the ideology of the country (new option in the ultimatum menu)

— Province names can now be retained after a change in the party. (for the current party)

New console commands (list will be later)

— Fixed the bug with sudden disappearance of money (It became much, much less frequent)

— Fixed crashes when surrendering and when attacking troops (the game works stably, even at 1000+ moves( there may be vanilla bugs)))

— Big bug fixes and bug fixes

— Redesigned surrender

— Now the surrender percentage is displayed in the war losses menu

— It is now possible to exit observer mode

— Now you can do global events

— Added screenshot mode (it is activated by pressing the U key, this is a PC bind)

— Vassals now give recruits as tribute

— Vassals’ color will now change to the same color as the suzerain’s color

— You can now send recruits to other countries

— New design of the Casus Belli counter (how many moves left until war).

— It will now be possible to rename and change the color of an alliance


— It is now once again possible to buy provinces from countries for a substantial amount of money

— Now for a country to attack another country through trade you have to pay a lot of money.

— Added vertical resolutions for PC

AI changes:

— Bots will now form/justify war objectives against the player (there will be one bug, didn’t have time to tweak it)

— Bots will now form large alliances with a large number of members

— Now bots will more often throw ultimatums to their vassals and their enemies.

— Now AI makes borders more beautiful

— AIs are now more likely to form alliances with other countries.

— AI will now more often agree to various ultimatums

— The AI will now be less likely to declare war if it has a poorly assimilated population in a country or low happiness in a country

— The AI is now more likely to build structures

— AI can now make justifications for war objectives (or casus belli)

— Now AI gives 17% of its budget to coalition formations instead of 50 coins.

— Vassals can no longer declare war (bots too).

New game party settings:

— You can now disable the recruit system

— Change the capitulation percentage

— Change AI creation of vassals and alliances

— You can disable diseases

— You can now adjust the chance of troop breakthrough

Combat System:

— New front width system

— Correct side losses

— About 10% of troops participate in battles

— The chance of overflow and duping of troops is very low, you can say it is now non-existent

— Troop retreats, now they retreat to all neighboring provinces, divided into equal parts

— It will be possible to customize the % of participation of troops and the width of the front

— Cauldrons now do high damage and trigger dynamically.

— Now genocides are less damaging to relations and reduced the chance of being burned

— Reduced the amount of military experience given out during battles

— Now it takes 25 points to pump an army with military experience

— Fixed army maintenance

New game settings:

— You can now customize the width and height of borders of countries

— Now it will be possible to hide the results of battles, there is a special button in the game settings

— Added a new setting to the game, it is enabled by default

It adds content that will be under development and may contain bugs (e.g. policies/laws of states)

New background system:

— Fixed background transition animation

— Increased background transition change

— Added a feature where you can add any number of backgrounds to the game, or on the contrary leave only one background.

— Added new backgrounds to the game


— Redesigned the interface of the state decision window

— Now the bottom Botton Bar (bottom bar) will be unified as in old versions of BE

— Added new items to the top menu that displays new information

NEW GLOBAL Super Sandbox Mode:

A new super mode, with many mechanics, that allows you to do anything, almost anything…..

What you can do:

— Disable AI countries

— Play for any country, interfere in their affairs, both internal and foreign policy

— Edit a country, give it buffs/debuffs

— Remove a country from the map

— Edit the game settings of the party (AI aggressiveness, speed, etc.)

— Give the country resources (coins, recruits, etc)


— EATING (as a mechanic).

— Now the icon and notification about nuclear reset will appear only after opening nuclear technology (simply, build a reactor, you should eventually have nuclear and then the icon will appear).

— Increased the impact of technologies on losses

— Now setting the risk of revolution in the country selection menu will affect the growth of rebels (previously, only the number of troops).

— Now will be visible statuses of declaration of war (example, we as a vassal, we can not declare war, bots too)

— Now in observer mode the camera will not point at the newly formed stump from rebellions (Just pissed off, decided to fix it)

— Now Autopaln works better (not a candy bar, but the difference will be noticeable)

— Fixed assimilation bug

— Now if the population goes to minus (after a number overflow), the recruitment system doesn’t break down

— Now the number of electors in the SRI is not 7, but 9.

— Now the music continues to play if you activate the console

— Now upon vassalization, through peace negotiations, the country will withdraw from aliasna

— Now if you are short of 25 military experience in the army improvement menu, a message will be displayed about the shortage

— Improved Rebellion support performance

— Added option to disable vassals exemption (in game party settings)

— Added panels for organizing game party settings

— Now if a country does not have a province on the map and is in a state of peace, it automatically leaves the alliance and becomes independent (In theory fixes the bug with peace conferences, when throws out to the main menu and fixes a bunch of other bugs).

— Added customization of technology points in sandbox mode

— Now if troops successfully penetrate enemy defenses, the enemy losses are 2-3 times more plague the attackers (previously 10 or more times). Penetration chance now has no effect on losses after troops are penetrated.

— Returned editor to game party settings

— Reduced defense bonuses for fortresses and towers

This is not the whole list of updates, as a bunch of bugs were fixed and a bunch of microfiche were added.

Information By: Mr David

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